Manhart Enhances 4-Cylinder Mercedes-AMG C63 S for a Nostalgic V8 Experience

The latest Mercedes-AMG C63 S (W206) has swapped its V8 engine for a plug-in hybrid 4-cylinder setup. While this new model packs more power, it falls short on sound and personality against its V8 predecessors. To bring back some of that lost allure, Manhart introduced the CRE 700 tuning kit. This upgrade boosts the car’s output to 715 hp and 1,120 Nm of torque and enhances the exhaust note for a richer sound. The car comes from the factory with 671 hp and 1,020 Nm of torque.

Manhart’s modifications aren’t just about power; they also added a louder exhaust system featuring sport downpipes and high-flow catalytic converters, although these are aimed at markets outside Germany. Visual updates are subtle, keeping the AMG styling and 20-inch wheels but adding some custom touches like a blacked-out grille emblem and CRE 700 branding.

The car also gets lower by 20 mm thanks to new H&R springs, with no changes to the brakes unless requested. Depending on customer interest, Manhart might offer more tuning options for this model in the future.

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