Alpha-N Performance BT92


Тюнинг-ателье Alpha-N Performance представило свою новую модель BT92.

Созданный на базе BMW 3-Series Coupe, автомобиль получил карбоновый аэродинамический обвес, состоящий из новых бамперов, расширенных крыльев, вентилируемого капота, заднего диффузора, новой крышки багажника и регулируемого заднего крыла.

В салоне автомобиля появились новые карбоновые спортивные сидения Recaro, каркас безопасности и спортивный руль.

По желанию покупателей, 335i может быть укомплектован пакетом Stage 4, включающим в себя увеличенную турбину, интеркуллер большего размера и новую программу блока управления двигателем (чип-тюнинг). Все это в комплексе поможет двигателю развить мощность в 444 л.с.

Наряду с увеличением мощности предлагается новая надежная высокопроизводительная тормозная система (6-поршневые суппорта и диски 380 мм спереди, 4-поршневые суппорта и диски 355 мм сзади), винтовая подвеска от KW и 19-дюймовые легкосплавные колесные диски с шинами Hankook 255/35ZR19 и 295/30.

Пресс-релиз: [spoiler]

The Alpha Beast

The company Alpha-N Performance is making a true blue Street Racer out of the gorgeous E92 coupé, which, in addition to sheer power, is above all, also able to impress the beholder
with its complete body shell made of carbon and the consequential lightweight.

Even though Alpha-N is at first glance, a relatively new and rising star on the tuning horizon, it is nonetheless able to look back at an extensive wealth of experience. Until pretty recently, both proprietors of the company Alexander Zilliger and Markus Gutjahr were holding management positions in Veritas and VBT Racing and were responsible for the area of “Production and Technology”. The latter being an offspring of the former tuning smithery Brabham Racing. As soon as it became certain that VBT Racing was to shut down its tuning division, both men founded the company Alpha-N Performance and took over the complete segment of “Tuning”. Ever since, they have been engaged in the business of maintaining all BT vehicles! Alpha-N is however focusing its attention on the development of carbon bodywork parts as well as the build-up of BT project vehicles.

Designed on the basis the BMW E92, the BT92 is currently the flagship of the establishment Alpha-N. The philosophy behind the project is the symbiosis born out of maximum engine performance, extreme lightweight design and perfect road holding to generate maximum driving fun. The proximity of the company from Bad Neuenahr to the Nürburgring race course is not a coincidence and guarantees additional inspiration.

The beautiful contours of the 335i coupe were not impaired by the comprehensive body kit. On the contrary, the broad hips and the massive wheel wells accentuate the proportions while the beefy front bumper and the strongly contoured hood give this 3 series an aggressive look. The big diffuser dominates the rear as well as the double-running, centrally positioned sport exhaust system. The new trunk lid with protrusive spoiler lip and a huge, adjustable rear wing ensure another aggravated downforce. To compensate for the imbalance, the front was fitted with an equally adjustable spoiler. All bodywork mounting parts and even the side parts are made of the ultra-light material carbon. This action reduces the curb weight by a considerable 250 kg as opposed to the series in such a way that the three series now weighs just 1,430 kg. On top of this is the availability of a massive rollover cage in the interior ensuring additional safety.

This lightweight was however just a first step to the super sportive driving performance that was at the center of aspirations. The next step was taken under the hood. The turbo serial six was fitted with the Alpha-N engine kit stage 4. This consists of bigger turbo chargers, adaptation of engine electronics, a completely new exhaust system and an enlarged air-to-air intercooler. Moreover the engine electronics were completely reprogrammed. And that was not yet all: As opposed to the older double turbo, additional mechanical actions are also required for the current single turbo engine with twin scroll. Other pistons and a new crankshaft were thus constructed. The result of the entire efforts are 450 horse power that are transmitted to the rear wheels through the Dual Clutch Transmission gear and give it – with its just 1.4 tons – an easy ride over competitors in the real sense of the word.

To ensure that the carriage also comes to a standstill again precisely as fast and safe, Alpha-N installed a MAC high-performance braking system that stands out in elegant uniqueness with 6-piston saddles and 380 mm disks on the front axle and 4-piston saddles with 355 series disks on the rear. A KW coilover suspension ensures a tailor-made lowering and improves handling tremendously.

To prevent the power from fuming away aimlessly within the wheel wells, Alpha-N assembled the three-part S3 rims, which with its black star, is perfectly suited to the race look. To fill up the extremely broad fender, 9.5 and 11.5 inch wide 19 inch dimensions had to be mounted. The dimensions of the Hankook tires are 255/35ZR19 on the front axle and 295/30 on the rear. This guarantees constant grip.

From the point of view of weight reduction, the S3 wheels are however still not quite optimal. There are future plans for a special series of OZ racing rims for the BT92, with which the
curb weight will yet be clearly reduced.

The interior of the BT92 stands out for its concentration on the central issue: Racing sport! Recaro Pole Position carbon seats with full belt safety harness and the steel cage clearly show the driver which the car is heading – to the racing course. Here too, the performance steering wheel, with which a speedy change of direction simply means even more fun, is an undisputed highlight. Else, the interior was almost completely evacuated for the purpose of weight optimization.

Experience paying off: The BT92 is an all-round coherent, consistent vehicle tailor-made for driving fun that is also capable of standing out with its detail solutions! Is anyone starts to acquire a taste for it: This vehicle and two other BT92 are presently available for sale![/spoiler]

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